Love and Lemon Bars🍋💕

Here is an easy recipe from my other blog create whole health….I think food, love, and family are completely connected…..

Create... Whole... Health....

I think homemade food is one of the greatest gifts of love there is. We have almost completely lost touch with cooking and baking from scratch because of how our lifestyles have progressed. It’s sad to me that kids now think cookie dough comes in a plastic tube from the grocery shelf. Or that soup comes from a can or box. When we prepare food for ourselves or for others we are literally putting our energy into the food. That’s why a home-cooked meal can feel so comforting. Especially when it’s made for us by someone we love.

On Mother’s Day I packed up all of the ingredients to make lemon bars and took them to my mom’s house. I know she loves them and I wanted her house to smell good from the baking. This was my gift to her and I poured love into every step.

It wasn’t…

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Fabulous Farmer’s Market

When I was growing up we ate grayish green peas from a can and white tasteless iceberg lettuce. Those were our standard dinner vegetables. I was a child of the 70’s raised in Minnesota and we did not have the luxury of fresh produce more than 30 days a year. Those 30 days offered up corn and tomatoes. Each summer we indulged in fresh corn on the cob slathered in salt and butter, which turned more into a greasy mess than a serving of food. At night my mother would eat July tomatoes wrapped like an apple in a red soggy napkin for a snack. I was repulsed.

Moving south and tastebuds maturing, I broadened my palate and became enamored with tropical fruits, dark red lettuce, green tomatoes and anything else I thought might piss off my family (my mother often exclaimed loudly how STRANGE I started eating since going away to college). Minnesotans are not known for experimenting with foods, especially from God’s green earth. Pick it, can it, put it on a shelf. Like good, Norwegian-influenced, puritan sex; don’t talk about and don’t try anything different.

We kept our veggies and our cravings safely buried- deep within a protective layer of tin or glass or morals. Frozen was about as far as it went for freshness, but even that was a bit too exotic for my childhood home. Except for Green Giant’s bright orange frozen broccoli stems dripping in gooey, fake cheese we did not partake in any frozen nonsense.

Today I live blocks away from one of the best farmer’s markets in Nashville. My playground in the spring, freakshow in the summer, and warehouse in the fall.


In the middle of a fast-growing urban neighborhood in transition the 12South Farmers Market is a gathering spot for foodies, college kids, moms with strollers, families, dogs, and even tourists. The beautiful tree filled park with rolling hills and bright yellow historic Sunnyside Mansion is the perfect backdrop for vendors to set up tables full of local, fresh, seasonal Tennessee grown produce.

Table after table displaying homegrown produce with the textures, scents, and tastes without the constraints of plastic or cans. This food is bursting with life, with energy, and with love…….It’s real.

Ripe juicy strawberries begging to be tasted.


Firm, full root vegetables proudly displayed spilling out of containers.


For the more adventurous there are hard to find items like freshly picked suede-like porcini mushrooms, scoby for making your own kombucha, purple and green kohlrabi, homemade kimchi, duck eggs, local goats milk, wheatgrass and organic free range chicken sausage. There is something to tempt the most conservative taste…….


Vendors include locally handmade soaps, oils, plants, organic farms, gardens, bakeries, juice, dairy/meats, and the obligatory food trucks and live music. The owners/farmers are there to answer any questions and are happy to tell you about their products and give samples.

As bland as this area is in danger of becoming due to overdevelopment this little market is an anomaly of sorts. An old-fashioned neighborhood get together in what is quickly growing into a cluster fuck of new construction and traffic jams. Because of this there are now overly polite, orange vested parking attendants cheerfully sweeping drivers away from the park because it’s so congested. Get there early in order to park across the street in vacant lot.

Market is located at the corner of Kirkwood and Granny White Pike the market runs May-October every Tuesday 3:30-6:30

Tea and Lipgloss

Hi and welcome to my newest blog. I feel like an explanation is needed for the title that I chose. I sort of get obsessed with things. Tea, coffee creamer, lipgloss, lotion, etc. In cold weather I am a self-proclaimed tea whore, meaning I will drink any tea, anywhere, provided it’s hot. Herbal, English, medicinal, fruity, whatever. It just feels good going down. In warmer weather I make sun tea by steeping the bags in a pitcher of cold water out in the hot sun. I think I learned this from an old Lipton’s commercial when I was a kid.

Lipgloss is my security blanket. I pull it out and apply it when I’m nervous, bored, anxious, or need a boost of confidence. I guess I’m kind of a lipgloss whore too. I like it all. I have cheap stuff, good stuff, sticky, shiny, flavored, waxy, protective, and sparkly. Sometimes I pour 7 or 8 lip-glosses out of my purse just to show friends how many I have. They are usually not super impressed. My go-to “grown up” lipgloss is MAC which I buy and save the tubes for the extra discount when you turn them back in to the store. My “healthy” lipgloss is from Burt’s Bee’s and they discontinued my color- of course…..I also have Hello Kitty (slick and greasy), some cheap Walgreens stuff that I LOVE and Buddha Balm in Burnt Sugar Fig is my favorite. Even though it’s a little stiff, it smells and tastes like pancake syrup.

When I was about 9 years old I stole some Bubble Gum “Kissing Potion” from a drugstore. I didn’t get caught but the glass tube broke in my back pocket and the syrupy goop spilled out all over my jeans and I never got to use it.  I felt this was the Universe’s way of punishing me for stealing. My friends and I would make our own lipgloss with vaseline, powdered sugar and flavoring. It left the taste and feel of cupcake frosting on our lips which I guess was a good thing back then.

The tea is more of an on/off obsession. It goes with the weather. My current favorite is spicy cinnamon which I drank all winter and now am making chilled. My friend gives me loose tea which I stuff into filters and it ends up looking like a big fat joint. I feel like a true tea goddess when I make loose leaf tea even though it’s messy.

I guess there are worst things to collect and covet. Mine are girly and inexpensive. They make me feel good and are sweet. They are ritualistic and define a mood for me. My life is OK without them but I will probably never have that problem…….